Whetstone Photography FAQ

-What size images are included on the PHOTO CD, EMAIL Image and Flash Drive?
Answer: We send the full-resolution image to you through Email and on the burned PHOTO CD and Flash Drive. The images often are 3072 X 2048 with a file size ranging from 1.3 to 2.2 MB.

-When I try to order a PHOTO CD, Internet Download or the Flash Drive, I end up with all the photos in my check-out and the price is wrong.
Answer: Just pick one photo from your raft and order the PHOTO CD, Internet Download or the Flash Drive. We will pick up all the other shots of your boat and include them on the PHOTO CD, or send the link for the Internet Download to your email address.

-How long is my Internet Download Link available?
Answer: The link for Hightail is active for 14 days from the date we send it to your email address. Please download the images to your computer or IOS device before the link expires.

-I'd like to order multiple boats on one PHOTO CD or with the Internet Download. How can I do this and are there any discounts available?
Answer: To order multiple boats, from different days or different rivers, please contact us through email or give us a call on the phone. We'll give you a multi-day, multi-river quote for all your boats.

-How long will it take to receive an EMAIL Image or an Internet Download once I place my order online? And, what size resolution will the image(s) be?
Answer: EMAIL and Internet Download Images are usually sent out the day we receive them, or the next day. This is the fastest way to receive your photo.

-Why aren't my photos posted online yet? We went rafting a few days ago.
Answer: Our photos are put online at the Chattooga Outpost. Photos from the other rivers are mailed to us through the USPS and we post them as soon as they come in. This can take 5-10 days from the date of your trip.

-How long will my photos stay online?
Answer: We leave photos online for two years. For previous years photos that are no longer online, Contact Us to re-publish your photos for one additional month.

-I can't seem to find my photos from a few years ago.
Answer: Email us with the date of your trip, the river you were on and the trip time. We will re-publish your photos for one additional month. Wildwater can help you find your trip date and time if you know who made your reservation. Call 1-800-451-9972 and ask for this information. Also, if you purchased anything from the gift shop, your credit card statement will show the date of your trip.

-My child went rafting with his camp/school group. I cannot find which raft he/she is in.
Answer: You may need to wait until your child is able to help you find the correct photo. Photos stay online for up to two years and you should have ample time to view photos online once your child arrives home.

-Can I have text printed on the bottom of my photo?
Answer: We currently do not have the capability to print text on photos. If you order the PHOTO CD, or the EMAIL Image you can manipulate the image yourself.

We no longer sell Fotoforms, but you can order your own by going to http://www.fotoforms.com/ and upload the digital image you purchased from us.

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